About Me

    After traveling more and more to escape my
day job, I soon realized that seeing the world and experiencing new cultures is a pursuit, not an escape. Eventually, abandoning my regular job to focus on my passion: seeing the world and making it easier for others to do so too.
Anywhere my roam was born out of my desire to share my experiences around the globe. To make popular destinations more rewarding and off-the-beaten-track places more accessible. To give people the confidence to travel, the information to make it easy, and the inspiration to make it happen.
   I love storytelling, both written and visual. I can’t say no to a good hike, a decent thee, fresh juice, superb scenery, or a well-used map. I love Historical cities, wild swims, and cultures other than my own.
Travel is about immersing myself in a destination and seeing as much as possible, eating new local food, trying local bars, and learning a few phrases in the local language. I am curious and adventurous. I take off on a road trip, plan long stunning walks, and like a hot shower at the end of the day.
   Understanding a culture alongside its historical heritage is critical to feeling like I traveled somewhere. Learning about other people’s lives teaches me valuable lessons. Making me grateful for having one of the best travel experiences.
I travel as sustainably as possible, aiming to leave a light footprint and a smile on the faces of people I meet.

Dubai Culture
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